Bespoke glass furniture

Let your imagination run wild – MGM Glass offers bespoke glass furniture services. You are free to design any type of furniture you like, in any shape and size, and we will make it for you.  If you want a one-of-a-kind type of furniture that is very much evocative of modern architecture sensibilities, bespoke glass furniture is for you. Our glass is durable and resistant to staining, making it ideal for any household.

Painted glass splash backs

At MGM Glass, you can choose from a broad selection of painted glass. You may choose any color or pattern you like and we will make it happen for you. Different shapes can really help you finish off that look you were going for. While this option works better for contemporary spaces, older styles can also benefit from this look. This type of decorative surface is very easy to clean and is very durable to humidity and discoloration.

Glass roofs

When your goal is letting the outdoors in and giving your house more natural light, you can  do no better than a full glass ceiling. Made of durable, high quality glass, a glass roof is a perfect addition for a modern home. We use stainless steel elements for the frames, we can adjust the ceiling to meet your every need. Just specify what size or type of glass is your preference, and we will make it for you. With MGM Glass, you can be certain that you’ll get the highest quality service.


If you’re struggling with bringing more light to places that are below too many floors to warrant a skylight, try a walk-on pane of glass. Our walk-on glass is completely safe – it is thick, toughened, and laminated, guaranteeing that it won’t break as you walk on it. While thick, it still remains perfectly clear, letting more light seep into your room, breathing new life into what used to be a space too dark. We take extra care to make sure our walk-on glass is the most durable and safe as can be. With MGM Glass, top quality is guaranteed.

Glass partitions

So you’re looking for a way to get more privacy at home, and old-fashioned partitions are just not what you’re looking for? Try glass partitions for a fresh, light, modern look. Glass partitions are a perfect way to divide a room without obstructing light’s course. You have a variety of types of partitions to choose from, with both frameless and framed glass being options. Additionally, you may select between transparent and opaque glass, and we can even use etching to put a company logo on your partition. With MGM Glass, the possibilities are endless.

Glass balustrades

Balustrades are an important element of any home. Not only do they offer safety in higher places where otherwise one could fall down and injure themselves, they can also very much improve the looks and style of a home. Glass balustrades with high quality fixings – the type we offer at MGM Glass – can help you achieve a sleek, modern look. We provide a diverse offer, with both framed and frame less balustrades for you to choose from. In either case we use stainless steel elements to complete that dignified look and hold everything together in a stable, reliable way. Glass balustrades are light and easy to clean, while also letting more light into your home.

Shower screens

For showers, there can be no better choice than a glass screen to frame this important bathroom amenity. At MGM Glass, we offer a wide selection of shower screens, with various types of enclosures that will allow either front-opening or sliding options. Our top-quality fixings are made from stainless steel, which helps give your bathroom that sleek, modern look. Additionally, all our shower screens are very functional, as they allow you to hold the water within a shower stall, or even add them atop a bath.


If you’re looking for mirrors, you’ve come to the right place. MGM Glass boasts a very broad selection of mirror surfaces. Whether you are looking for a large unframed mirror that will both serve a decorative purpose and let you check your appearance from head to toe, or a reflective surface for your furniture, we have right what you need. Large mirrors placed in a room can really make the space feel larger. Antiquated mirrors on your furniture can, on the other hand, add an interesting texture to your décor, enriching your interior with a bit of a rustic charm.

Sandblasted / Etched Glass

Nothing can make glass more refined than an elegant etching. Using the latest sandblasting techniques, we can turn your glass into works of art. This is achieved by using abrasive substances at different pressures, which results in different finishes. We first place a vinyl film on the glass. This can either be left on its own to achieve a matted look, or we can use the abrasive substances to etch any pattern you wish. Be it a company logo or a piece of decorative art, with MGM Glass you can count on the highest quality sandblasted glass.

Fire rated glass

In certain areas, you may want your glass to be fire-rated. At MGM Glass, we give you that option. For us to make sure your glass is fire-rated, we need you to provide us with all the necessary information. Tell us what classification is required, what glazing frame material should be used, what glass sized do you need, whether you prefer single or double glazing and, most importantly, what is the intended application of this glass.  We have a robust selection of fire-rated glass available, so once you specify what your needs are, you can be certain that we will provide you with just the glass you need.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is another type of safety glass. Like toughened glass, its main characteristic is that it doesn’t break into jagged shards when it shatters. However, instead of crumbling apart like toughened glass, laminated glass holds together when shattered. This is achieved through the use of a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer placed between two or more layers of glass. Once the substance is in place, the glass is passed through a series of rollers and ovens, which eliminated air pockets, before undergoing another heating. At MGM Glass, we possess extensive knowledge of the process,  meaning all our laminated glass furniture is bound to last.

Toughened glass (safety)

Among the types of safety glass, toughened glass is probably the most commonly used. It is processed using chemical or thermal treatments in order to increase its strength. Not only is this glass more durable and resilient to various forms of impact, but when broken, instead of shattering into large, jagged shards it crumbles into small chunks, posing a much smaller risk to a person’s health.

Those two traits combined make toughened glass an ideal choice for passenger vehicles, but it also makes a great material for your home – in the event of an unfortunate accident, you can be sure your shower screen or glass door won’t shatter into very dangerous shards. We guarantee that our glass will meet your expectations.

Warm edge technology

Adding more glazing to a window is far from the only way to conserve thermal energy using your windows. The innovative Warm Edge Technology is a new, fresh way to enhance the thermal performance of your window by a large amount. For this to be effective, spacer bars are used to insulate the edges of a sealed unit while keeping the glass apart. Using this method, the heat from the inside of the room is kept inside, and the cold is kept outside.

Check out the wonders of warm edge technology for yourself. Our warm edge windows offer top quality thermal insulation that you can trust.

Single, double, triple glazing

When deciding on a window, an important factor to take into account is the glazing. While single glazing may be a viable choice in warm places, double or triple glazing is recommended for greater insulation. Double glazing is the most popular choice due to its relative cheapness and the lightness of the windows, yet it doesn’t perform as well as triple glazed windows in the area of thermal insulation. While triple glazing may be the most expensive type of glazing out there, it’s very much worth considering, especially if you have problems with maintaining a good temperature in your flat.

Whichever variant you choose, we have what you need. We offer a wide selection of window glazing, from single to triple, and we will help you make the right choice for your home.